Central Jersey Branch bylaws


American Society of Civil Engineers
Central Jersey Branch Bylaws

Adopted by Vote of the Board of Directors of the Central Jersey Branch on February 4, 2000.


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Central Jersey Branch of the New Jersey Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Section 2. The objectives of this branch shall be: the advancement of the science and profession of engineering through the encouragement of members to prepare and discuss papers; to confer and suggest as to matters of policy; to study local engineering problems ; to cooperate with other Sections, Branches and Engineering Societies in matters of common interest; and to bring about closer personal acquaintance and a spirit of cooperation among the engineers within this branch area, all in a manner consistent with the objectives of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


Section 1. The area of Central Jersey Branch shall include Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Somerset Counties, and that portion of Burlington County north of Spur Route 528 and east of US Route 206, all in the State of New Jersey.

Section 2. All members of the American Society of Civil Engineers whose addresses are within the Central Jersey Branch. Also such other members of the Society, who because of their particular situation find it impractical to be active in their own Section or Branch affairs, may become members of the Central Jersey Branch, provided that they subscribe to the Constitution of the New Jersey Section, and Bylaws of the Central Jersey Branch.

Section 3. Only Subscribing Members (New Jersey Section dues paying members) shall have the right to vote, to hold office and to serve on committees, or to represent the Branch.


Section 1. The dues of the members shall be fixed by the Board of Directors of the Central Jersey Branch as the needs of the Branch may require and pursuant to the review and approval of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Section. Members will be billed directly by the National Headquarters of the American Society of Civil Engineers through the annual dues statement. Subscribing membership ceases for any member whose dues are more than twelve months in arrears.

Section 2. Members exempt from payment of dues in the Society shall be exempt from payment of dues in the Branch.

Section 3. There shall be no entrance fee.



Section 1. The President shall, in January, appoint a nominating committee of three Subscribing Members of the Branch who shall prepare a list of nominees for officers provided for in the Constitution, obtain the consent of each nominee to service if elected, and deliver the list to the Secretary not later than February 15.

Section 2. The secretary shall publish the list of nominees not later than March 15. Other nominations to be included in the ballot must be endorsed in writing by at least five Subscribing Members and filed with the Secretary not later than April 1.

Section 3. If no additional nominations are received, the Secretary shall so inform the President and the nominees shall be declared elected. If additional nominations are received, all nominations shall be mailed by the Secretary to all Subscribing Members of the Branch with the April meeting bulletin for letter ballot, to be canvassed at the annual meeting in May by a teller''s committee of three, to be appointed by the President. The candidates receiving the largest number of votes shall be considered elected. The result of the election shall be announced at the annual meeting.



Section 1. The officers of this Branch shall be a President, a President-elect, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, two Elected Directors, two Appointed Directors, and a Younger Member Director. The President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Elected Directors, along with the two latest Past Presidents, shall constitute the Branch Board of Directors in which the government of the Branch shall be vested.

Section 2. The terms of office shall be: for President, President-elect, Vice President and Secretary, one year; for the Treasurer, Elected Directors, Appointed Directors and Younger Member Director, two years; one Elected Director shall be elected each year. One appointed Director shall be elected each year. The Younger Member Director shall be appointed every two years. The terms of said officers shall begin at the close of the Annual Section Meeting at which they are installed, and shall continue for the periods above named or until their successors are dully elected or qualified.



Section 1. The President shall conduct the Executive, Special, and Regular Meetings of the Central Jersey Branch. The President shall attend any and all meetings as may be necessary to represent the American Society of Civil Engineers, the New Jersey Section, and the Central Jersey Branch in conformance with their policies, goals and objectives.

Section 2. The President-elect shall attend the New Jersey Section Executive Meetings, District Council Meetings and other meetings as the Branch President may direct. The President-elect is responsible for organizing and running the Annual Awards Dinner Meeting.

Section 3. The Vice President shall attend the Zone I Management and Leadership Conference, and any other meetings as the Branch President may direct.

Section 4. The Directors shall attend the meetings of the adjoining Branches of the New Jersey Section, and the Princeton University and Rutgers University Student Chapters, and any other meetings as directed by the Branch President.

Section 5. The Secretary shall keep the records of the Branch and conduct the correspondence.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and receive all money due the Branch and deposit them in the name of the Branch as approved by the Branch Board. The Treasurer shall pay all bills incurred by action of the Branch Board, subject to the approval of the President, and render periodic statements of accounts. The Treasurer shall prepare the business report for the Branch Board meetings and perform the various duties usually connected with the office.

Section 7. The President, with the approval of the Branch Board, shall appoint: a committee to audit the accounts of the Treasurer at the end of each business year; and such other committees as may be necessary for the proper functioning of the Branch.

Section 8. In the absence of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer or the Directors, in the order of their seniority, shall perform the President''s duties.

Section 9. The New Jersey Section Constitution and By-laws limit the number of voting members from the Branches based on membership, therefore each year at the annual meeting, the President shall designate Branch Board Members who will represent the Branch at Section meetings with full right to vote. At least one Branch Board member will be a Younger Member.



Section 1. The President shall appoint each year the following standing committees: Awards, Budget & Finance, Membership, Technical Meeting Program, and Younger Member Group. The Chair of each standing committee shall attend and participate in meetings of the Board of Directors. The Awards Committee shall consist of the President, Past President, and President-elect.

Section 2. The President shall appoint such other committees from time to time as deemed necessary.


Section 1. Bylaws may be adopted or amended only by the following procedure: A. A proposed Bylaw or amendment shall be voted upon by a majority of the Subscribing Members of the Branch at a meeting duly called or by mail/fax ballot. B. To become effective, it shall receive an affirmative vote of not less than a simple majority of the Subscribing Members voting.